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We are a Non-Profit foundation working in association with Bayou Academy & The Shaw Educational Foundation.  We Focus on fundraising efforts that facilitate school-wide improvements, scholarship funds, & future development opportunities.  

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Elementary School Addition

Dear Bayou Academy Families and Friends,

Since I arrived at Bayou Academy in 2013, our school has undergone a period of constant growth: enrollment continues to increase, academics remain rigorous; and our campus has been transformed over the past few years.  Unfortunately— or perhaps, fortunately— our work is never done.  While growth is always positive, it also requires that we accommodate our ever-increasing student population.  

In response, we are building an addition onto our elementary school.  The new wing will house six classrooms— two devoted to K-3, two for K-4, and two for K-5— with each classroom containing SmartBoard technology.  Our hope is to have the space completed in time for the 2017-2018 school year.

This new space will not only alleviate many of our enrollment concerns, but it will also make us a true contender in education—a dual-threat on both the elementary and high school scene.

Your support has been vital to our success thus far, and I am counting on your help as we embark on our newest adventure.  While your gift endorses this project, it also demonstrates something more: a belief in the mission and the future of Bayou Academy.  


Dr. Dave Granville